第十期生修了作品 A プログラム


The Body in the Mind


星 夢乃 Yumeno Hoshi


We have limited control over our bodies, and we can't change ourselves at will. While I yearn for complete freedom, I also want to make peace with my frustration.

Where is my home?

Where is my home?


野田 ゆり子 Yuriko Noda


Here, everyone is an outlander. But something's not right. Everyone else has a place to sit at the table, a home to return to at will. Not him. Lonely as it may be, he will look ahead and find his place here.


The On-hold Music of Terror


山崎 スヨ Suyo Yamazaki


"""You're right. There was a bug?I killed it."" Late at night, only one voice wafts around the room. What lies on the other end of the telephone line is anyone's guess...

湿らない 腐らない
おいしく まろやか

Stay with Me


前畑 侑紀 Yuki Maehata


Now a grown woman, I sit on the train recollecting my childhood. That morning field baking in the sun. Making one bamboo-leaf boat after the other. The smoke from the fireworks spreading like a thick fog. And to those memories I say, "Welcome back."


Nocturnal Roadwork


端地 美鈴 Misuzu Hashiji


Nocturnal Roadwork is to end as if nothing had happened in the morning.It's a construction for repairing a road.And construction is for a scar unnoticeable, before I knew it.

A Pawn

A Pawn


佐藤 桂 Kei Sato


In a land where there are no enemies or allies is a lone soldier. He spends his days sculpting wood with his bayonet. And then one day, out of the blue, an enemy stands before him.




開發 道子 Michiko Kaihatsu


The main character wrapped in a white cocoon rides on a train with no particular destination in mind. This character travels somewhere far away with the Face entrusted by another passenger, along with the Shadow that vaguely appears in the window.

第十期生修了制作 B プログラム


Pickle Plum Parade


ささきえり Eri Sasaki


A girl goes for a ramble in the neighborhood. The friendly dog is barking as usual. Oh, there goes a cat. Wait, no, it's just a shopping bag. The old guys are laughing about something. I know a lot about this town, and yet there's a lot that I don’t know.

ひ なんてなくなってしまえ

Text Complex


平松 悠 Haruka Hiramatsu

ひらがなの「ひ」が嫌いなデザイナーひふみは、ひ がきになってしょうがない。 ある日、彼女が迷い込んだのは、ひ が楽しく暮らすパラレルワールド。 ひ 達は彼女をひ の世界へと誘う。

The protagonist hates the Japanese hiragana letter "hee." Just the sight of it bothers her. But one day, she finds herself in a parallel world where the same syllabary lives a spectacular life.


That summer there were two of us


鵜飼ゆめ Yume Ukai


Summer is coming to an end. A little girl on the beach remembers the days spent giggling and dancing with her friend. The goodbyes and memories intertwine in a mesh of sorrow and joy.


Keep Forgetting


しばたたかひろ Takahiro Shibata


Why do you want acceptance? If it's not going to happen, then forget about what it was you wanted acknowledged and just have some soup, like always.




齊藤 光平 Kohei Saito


Clouds flow by. Pictures evaporate. When the act of drawing is in tune with nature’s ways, an ancient poetry echoes through the sky and in due time brings rain.


Hear the Snow Melt


村松 怜那 Leina Muramatsu


A girl made of unmelted snow has fallen in love with the dragon who brings spring. A story of changing seasons and thawing hearts.


Bath House of Whales


キヤマミズキ Kiyamamizuki


In this small town somewhere in Japan, the mothers in the neighborhood end their day at the public bath. When a little girl goes along with her mother, she is awed by the sight of a group of bathing women who behave very differently from the others. Within that group is her mother and she blends in perfectly.



Flow of Life


阿部 天音 Amane Abe


The girl wished to transcend her own body and become a jellyfish. She was drawn to the figure of the jellyfish floating freely in the sea.


Summer Sky Reverie


川上 喜朗 Yoshiro Kawakami


It’s summer vacation and all the kids in the neighborhood have left to visit relatives. But there in the relentless glare of the sun, is a boy looking up at the sky.


Out of Sight, Out of Mind


若林 萌 Moe Wakabayashi


SOS... SOS... A black and white TV falls in love with the girl sending out the distress signal. He rushes up the mountain of trash and off to the moon he goes where the crying girl awaits. If only she could see him beyond the screen.


At the Other End of the Table


リズ・レモン Lise Remon
《フランス国立高等装飾芸術学校(ENSAD)2018 年度交換留学生》


He tries to talk to her again. As usual, she seems very distant. But how can that be? She's only at the other end of the table.


Indoor Days


西野 朝来 Asaki Nishino

外に出たくない日は、家でテレビを観たりスマホを見たりするのが楽しい。 現実では家の中にいるのに、画面を通して意識は何度もドアをくぐり、自分の場所、実態が曖昧になっていく。

On days I don't want to leave the house, I enjoy watching TV and videos on my smartphone. I'm supposed to be at home but the screen keeps taking me elsewhere and I lose my grip on my whereabouts and reality.


What's that smell?


劉 軼男 Yinan Liu


The world is filled with smells -- good smells, nasty smells, nasty but good smells, addictive smells, captivating smells, reminiscent smells, and so many more. What's that smell?


House Rattler


副島 しのぶ Shinobu Soejima


The house rattling spirit has lived in this old house for generations. But the elderly woman who lives there as the final resident can no longer hear the noises it makes, which leaves the house rattler filled with a sense of longing.




石舘 波子 Namiko Ishidate


How long has it been since she lost control of her body? She is completely tapped out and finds herself wishing that she could just shed her body.




宮本 瑛未 Akimi Miyamoto


One day, while the main character is dozing off, he is abandoned by the owner of the shadow that he lives in. This creature who has lost his home wanders through the night city in search of his shadow.


When one talks with a lemon


李 念澤 Nianze Li


What I say is never what you hear. It's like the printer misaligning the images little by little. This animation work portrays those communication gaps using various techniques including print, digital treatment and collage.

Behind Us

Behind Us


斉藤 七美 Nanami Saito


One day a girl notices a distortion in her surrounding environment, which prompts her to start searching for her own connection with the world. But, the distortions become even more extreme. She wonders if the deviation is happening within her, or in the outside world.


Boozy Woozy Wonderland


岡田 詩歌 Shiika Okada


Heartbroken, I bought a bottle of wine and drank it walking home. A tipsy journey reconstructed using the Japanese traditional storytelling method "rakugo."


Pocket Nature VR

[横浜会場のみ VR 展示]
[東京会場のみ 上映 2min]

田 育霖 Tian Yulin
《中国伝媒大学(CUC)2018 年度交換留学生》


See My World


楊 建華 Jianhua Yang


Two brothers are drawing pictures in art class, but they see completely different things. The younger one is confused by the behavior of his brother, who is lost in his own world. But then, his big brother shares his beautiful world of gentle sea creatures.


The Death Vendor


全 振圭 Jeon Jinkyu


One day a boy encounters a street vendor who sells chicks. Even the boy knows these birds will die very soon. To his eyes, the man is selling none other than death itself.